Fondazione del Ceresio

Fondazione del Ceresio is a non-profit organisation founded in April 2004. According to article 3 of its articles of incorporation, its aim is to “support non-profit, charitable initiatives in Switzerland and abroad, especially in the fields of education, culture, science, medicine, development and humanitarian aid”.  The foundation is subject to the supervision of the general secretariat of the Federal Department of Home Affairs. It is tax-exempt and subject to an external audit.

Foundation Board:

  • Alberto Foglia - Chairman
  • Alessandra Solaro del Borgo - Vice Chairman 
  • Antonio Foglia - Member
  • Christine Foglia - Member
  • Giacomo Foglia - Member
  • Alessandra Niedecker - Member
  • Alberta Sosio - Member

 Contacts: Fondazione del Ceresio, c/o Banca del Ceresio SA, Via Pretorio 13, 6901 Lugano, [email protected]